Our story

Big farms. Larger VALUES!
Our vision
WITH OUR PARTNERS grow the best crops in a fully sustainable, traceable, and compliant manner

Partner with local trusted companies and leverage our licenses to export high quality hemp materials to Switzerland, US, and all key European countries and fully comply with local regulations.

Our Mission
Pharma Grade. Farmers’ Values.

KruSwiss Agro’s mission is to trade high quality hemp biomass, energy crops, seed and fibers on a large scale and bring to market by selling to key pharmaceutical, wellness, health & beauty, food & beverage and industrial sectors that then convert our products to CBD and all hemp derived products which has proven therapeutic health and wellness benefits for all of humankind.

What we believe in

A unique and responsible understanding of the agricultural business and supply chain.
Earth and people conscious
Aiming at state of the art sustainability processes and business code of conduct.
We acknowledge there are challenges and issues, we don't hide them. We identify them and we work on sustainable solutions in a transparent manner.
We also stand firm behind the potential of the crops of tomorrow.
And we don’t sell what we wouldn’t buy ourselves
We are the first to limit our business if our business would be socially unviable.
We believe Hemp is a Creation of Nature.
It has an untapped potential that needs in depth understanding
and clear frameworks to inform and guide consumers and retailers.

The market

KRU currently exports agricultural products to Switzerland, Europe and the US. KRU is also planning to export from other countries over the coming near term and is assessing the setup of farming operations in South America and Southeast Asia.
The global Hemp market is estimated to be worth
$23.6 BILLION BY 2025