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We partner to grow the best crops in a fully sustainable, traceable, and compliant manner.
As we like to say : Our partners have big farms and together even bigger values !
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KruSwiss Agro is dedicated to export high quality hemp materials to Switzerland, US and key European countries.


We partner with local trusted companies by adding state of the art agrotech solutions while keeping a value for money focus and fully comply with local regulations. On the consumer side, our specific point of distinction is our capacity to guarantee steady and quality supply on a year-end basis. This is again based on two fundamental pillars:

– A broad network that allows us to address and overcome any kind of volatility.

– State of the art processes with ultimate focus on sustainability, money for values and compliance.

To fulfill this commitment, we sell products from the seed to the consumer, in a fully sustainable and traceable manner. We deploy blockchain technology to ensure compliance with local and global standards and regulation as well as developing CBD finished goods in partnership with renowned Swiss companies.

Lastly, we combined in a unique mix the under-leveraged potential of African farming with the Swiss Made label of licensing, formulation, production, and distribution.


A network of trusted and renowned partners to find solutions to people needs. 


We Are Experts In High Quality Hemp Genetics And Cultivation

KRU has access to seed banks with the highest-quality hemp genetics globally, an exclusive seed license to grow high-yield hemp varietals in a number of African countries and soon to be Southeast Asia.

We also have expertise and experience in agricultural genomics, commercial agriculture, best farming practices, fertility and seed management, cultivation practices, harvesting practices, product storage, product drying, as well as any other technical expertise needed to successfully cultivate hemp.


KruSwiss SA has been established to supply Switzerland and the EU market hemp biomass/fibers to be used in the production of  hemp-based products, particularly in the rapidly expanding pharmaceutical, wellness, health & beauty, food & beverage, and industrial sectors and fully comply with local regulations.

We currently export hemp materials to Switzerland, the EU, and the US. KRU is also planning to export from other African countries in the near future and is assessing the setup of operations in other parts of the world.

What Makes Us Different?

We have build a Network of Partners, leveraging on the local Expertise enriched by the fulfillment of Global Standards for a Global Vision. Our Growers and Landlords are mainly SME in Growing and Farming. 

We partner with a well experienced team of cultivators and farmers, use low cost offshore growing operations that can provide year-round rotations for a steady supply of product to the market, and we deploy blockchain technology to ensure compliance with local and global standards and regulation.

Say Hello To The diverse and united Team of kru swiss

The team within KRU Group is currently managed by highly qualified specialists with experience ranging from 10 to over 30 years in agriculture, agritech, international sales & marketing, international tax, finance, banking, and blockchain technologies. Representatives in Switzerland and South Africa coordinate their work with partners and suppliers to help facilitate bringing KRU Agro products to market. Local market teams include specialists who have developed network of personal contacts in the agricultural and hemp cultivation industry.

Discover The KRU Brands

As our farming operations grow, we’re developing a range of high-end brands and products to match the increasing demand, particularly in the rapidly expanding pharmaceutical, wellness, health & beauty, food & beverage sectors.